Digital Humanities: A Memory Palace, the nonhuman turn, and technological savvy

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The Eye of the Imagination: Excavating the Memory Palace for Composition Studies | Seth Long: For centuries, rhetoric's fourth canon was synonymous with the memory palace. It was an inner space filled with vivid, emotionally charged sights and sounds whose purpose was to facilitate invention. In this presentation, I argue for a contemporary pedagogical revitalization of this ancient practice, a revitalization grounded both in traditional mnemonic imagery as well as digital visualizations that mimic the classical memory palace, such as networks and infographics.

Multimodality as Rhetorical Agency: Exploring Pro-ana Web Spaces to Cultivate Online Community | Stephen Raulli: One relatively new subculture on the Internet is pro-ana, which is populated by girls with eating disorders who claim the illness is a lifestyle choice. While scholarship has begun to acknowledge these controversial spaces, the outside world looks at them with shock and wonder while users demonstrate their technofeminist savvy by recreating their individual digital identities. My presentation argues for the support of the boards, as the girls play with multimodality and the reclamation of medical rhetoric.

The Effects of WhatsApp Group Chat on Students’ Attitude Towards Composition Courses Offered at a Prominent University in Jamaica | Norty Antoine: There is no clear agreement or study supporting the use of Social Media in writing pedagogy in the Caribbean. There is a belief that the cellular phone, as a personal communication device, symbolizes informal communication and should not be used to facilitate communication between teachers and students who are engaged in the formal process of learning. The researcher provides early results of how he challenged this idea by introducing WhatsApp Group Instant Messaging platform into composition classes.

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