Everyday Wonder: Narratives of Technical Expertise

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This roundtable session will explore the work of wonder and affect within everyday computing experiences. Each participant will introduce a professional practice or technique they’ve developed over time—ranging from communication applications to computing shortcuts to version control systems—and bring light to some of the more obscured parts of our day-to-day work. Participants will address both the technical and affective elements of these practices: why they are useful, and how they feel about them. These affective dimensions of composing are typically submerged in our contemporary accounts of composing and pedagogical practices. The goal of this panel is to center the affective and to describe the wonder of doing something new or useful with a computer technology for composing. Through a series of short narratives, panel members will describe a composing practice that moved them, that made them (and continues to make them) happy when they first discovered it or learned to do it.

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Davis 1129
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Concurrent Session A