Service Learning/Civic Engagement: Techne, Grassroots, and Event-Branded Hashtags

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An Exercise in Teche | Mariana Grohowski: This presentation will unite both 1) the instructor's take on establishing and maintaining a "Humans of [insert city name]" social media campaign; and 2) students' end-of-semester reflections. Attendees can expect to learn from the speaker’s mistakes and students’ accomplishments.

Grassroots Maps Creating Spaces of Wonder | April Conway: In this presentation, I demonstrate how grassroots cartographers—map-makers who create geographic maps with marginalized communities—cultivate capacities for multimodal creativity by generating spaces of wonder through map-making processes. I argue that these multimodal mapping projects create spaces of wonder for the map-makers and broader audiences to explore intimate, yet public, representations of lived spaces.

#ConvoWithJohn: Event-Branded Hashtags as Public Rhetoric Strategy | John J Silvestro: I perform a case study of the 2016 hashtag #ConvoWithCokie for a major public event and consider the hashtag through Jim Ridolfo's call to develop circulation strategies for public rhetors who lack the resources to get their texts to circulate. Through my findings, I outline a composing strategy that public rhetors can draw upon to create hashtags that can generate alternative or disruptive digital pathways for the circulation of their truth-speaking public discourses.

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Davis 195
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Concurrent Session A