Technologies: Algorithmic Cultures and The Art and Craft of LMS

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Towards Digital Rhetoric’s Future with Algorithmic Culture | Estee Beck: This talk surveys research from digital rhetoric to shift focus to a need for digital rhetoric to respond to critical algorithmic studies--to identify broader themes and conversations and point to future lines of research.

“When you’re having fun time flys:” The Art and Craft of Integrating Multiple Learning Spaces, Multiple Web 2.0 Tools, and Multiple Modes of Writing in the Blended Composition Class | Lyra Hilliard: This presentation highlights affordances of a tightly-integrated blended writing course that pays close attention to the interplay between the face-to-face, asynchronous online, and synchronous online classroom spaces. Attendees will walk away with concrete strategies for managing multiple online classroom spaces simultaneously, access to my archived class recordings, and links to resources specific to synchronous online teaching.

Listening for Affect in User Experience Design | Emi Stuemke: Technical communicators and educators must carefully consider the role of affect in user interface and documentation. We’ve long measured user-friendliness, brand response, and consumer satisfaction, but more work is emerging on user emotion, pathos, and connections to personal memory. This presentation uses examples from accessibility systems for the deaf to provide data on emotional response to telecommunication and navigation interfaces and suggest techniques for experience mapping that can enhance interface accessibility.

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Davis 188
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