Screencasting, assemblages and musicians' sonic composing processes

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Time to Reflect: Screencasting as Reflective "Process-Event" | Lisa Blansett: This speaker proposes using screencasting technologies during writing sessions to reimagine reflection not as a retrospective of an object through which a process is inferred, but as a “process-event.” As “process-event,” the idea of process as an object or static text is displaced in favor of envisioning relationships among thoughts, writers, and technologies that converge, thus changing the focus of reflection from what was learned to the dynamics of what is being learned.

Showcasing Assemblage Practice via an Animated Short | Travis Maynard: As assemblage pedagogies begin to emerge in rhetoric and composition, our own composing must also push beyond assemblage theory and into praxis. This presentation screens a short film that such an attempt. Following the screening, the presenter reflects on the film as assemblage practice that is both informed by theory and a product of two concrete processes: the selection and arrangement of semiotic materials.

Rewinding Technological Advances: Musicians' Sonic Composing Processes | Christine Olding: This presentation depicts the similarities in sonic composition between two musicians despite the 70 year gap in their composing processes through a ‘mode process’. Mode process demonstrates how a person uses multiple modes in the act of composing itself. This process will help us, as instructors, gain knowledge about sonic multimodal composing.

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Davis 186
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