Digital Humanities: Decolonizing Digital Landscapes, Archives of Wonder, and Anonymous Feminists

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The Thrill Has Gone; But Ride On, Ride On: Seeking the Gaze of Wonder in a Post-Wonderful Internet Age | Cynthia Jeney: While doing research on medieval historical and literary topics, one pauses in wonder as records, texts, manuscripts and images become available online that earlier generations never dreamed of having access to. Yet the impulse to share this wonder with my students in literature and rhetoric sometimes makes me apprehensive: if wonder must strike suddenly, must surprise, and if preparation prevents a feeling of wonder, can we hope to inspire wonder? I argue that we perhaps have not only opportunities but a responsibility to demand, and to provide moments of wonder in digital spaces.

Decolonizing Digital Landscapes: Indigenous Innovation, Cultural Literacy, and Transrhetorical Movement | Rachel Jackson: This presentation uses decolonial theory and transrhetorical analysis to examine an innovative mobile device application developed by the Chickasaw Nation of Oklahoma: AYA – A Homeland Journey. ™ As an Indigenous scholar and lead historical writer on AYA, I frame the project as decolonial digital rhetoric that reclaims Indigenous landscapes through GIS and mobile technology, remediates Chickasaw culture across spatial and temporal locations, and recreates the embodied experience of removal via physical activity.

The Anonymous Feminists: An examination of rhetorical functionality in hacktivist practice | Carleigh DeAngelis: This presentation examines the tension between the oft-professed anti-feminist ideologies of the hacktivist group Anonymous and what the presenter argues are inherently feminist rhetorical practices. Focusing on the collaboration that is the foundation of most collective hacks, this presentation argues that even spaces that seem to be hostile to feminist ideologies rely on feminist practices in order to engage with spaces of wonder online.

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Davis 181
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