The Life of the Networked Body: Harassment, Circulation, and Affect in Digital-Material Spaces

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In Techne: Queer Mediations of the Self, Rhodes and Alexander (2015) argue techne arises as praxis where lived experiences of the body come to bear on how one ethically and civically understands the world. “The life of body,” they state, “is not to be ignored.” While the body is often ignored, erased, or subsumed in digital spaces, this panel aims to put bodies at the center in order to extend and complicate approaches to digital writing. Speaker one explores the implications online harassment has for specific identities and the work we pursue with such students in writing classrooms. Speaker two counters the prevailing tendency to privilege textual circulation in theory, practice, and pedagogy by attending to how the body produces multiple, sometimes competing senses of circulatory flow. Speaker three presents a case study of university rules regarding student athletes’ social media use to discuss how administrative policy can work to police emotion in students.

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Davis 1129
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Concurrent Session B