Teaching Techn(é/iques): Methods for Creating Wonder in the Composition Classroom

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Within the Computers and Writing community, techné , as a theoretical concept, has received a great deal of attention--perhaps the most notable recent occurrence being in Jonathan Alexander and Jackie Rhodes’s born digital text, Techné : Queer Meditations on Writing the Self.  In addition, we have seen a great number of different theoretical approaches to techne, from Kelly Pender’s foundational book to Byron Hawk’s call for a post-techné  pedagogy in the teaching of technical communication.  Working from a variety of these theoretical lenses, our panel seeks to explore ways in which techné  can be brought into the writing classroom--specifically the first-year writing classroom when being taught by graduate students or adjunct faculty with a number of restraints on how they might approach their teaching. What does it mean to teach wonder and wandering as pedagogical approaches when you as an instructor are limited in your own ability to do either. In addition, we seek to provide real-world examples of assignments and activities that have proven useful in achieving these goals.

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Davis 1121
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Concurrent Session B