Architectural Writing, Climate Change and Community-Based digital writing

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Architectural Writing: Everting Rhetoric and Composition through Augmented Reality | Jason Crider: Augmented reality technologies are often touted as creating places of wonder, where digital content can be freely interacted with in physical space. Through examining mainstream AR technologies, I will argue for the cultivation of a mixed reality writing ethics and poetics, including pedagogical strategies that approach AR as an architectural writing technology for providing location-based, interactive critique.

‘Hit-it and Quit-It’ Or A Tactical Orientation to Digital Public Writing? | Rik Hunter: In this presentation, I will argue that in contrast to the negatively-perceived “hit-it and quit-it” approach to community service-learning projects as noted by Cushman (2002), Mathieu’s (2005) proposal for a more “tactical orientation” in the The Public Turn in Composition creates a space for community-based digital writing projects in professional writing courses.

Communicating Climate Change: Making Facts Louder than Opinions on Social Media | Kyle Adams: This presentation explores how over the past decade discussion surrounding Anthropogenic Climate Change (AGW) has increasingly been conducted in online spaces (Bessi et al, 2015). While most scientists agree that AGW is a real threat, there is a significant portion of the U.S. population that does not believe this (Capstick et al, 2014). The tendency for false information and polarization of opinion on hot button issues like AGW online draws audiences into argumentation over facts and restricts the dialogue about mitigation efforts, preventing wondering on an issue that affects all humans.

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Davis 185
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