Writing studies, reflexivity and pedagogies

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Creating Spaces for Our Labor - A Report on the State of the Writing Program Technologist | Julia Romberger, Shelley Rodrigo: After a 2012 series of 23 interviews with writing studies faculty working in administrative roles to support technological infrastructure (reported on in conferences and forthcoming publications) the presenters followed up with a nationwide survey in Fall of 2016 to collect a greater breadth of data on job descriptions, responsibilities, and institutional visibility. This presentation is an initial report on those survey results.

Reflective Texts: Allowing Space for Wondering in Multimodal Composition | Jaclyn Fiscus: This presentation examines how reflection is mediated through genre by following the composition processes of 13 students doing a remixing assignment.  I argue that we need to consider reflection practice in a variety of genres throughout the composition process, rather than just retrospectively on the finished product.  These types of reflection could allow students to map their uptake selection processes more effectively when moving across multimodal genres.

Experimentation, Pain, Reflection: Postpedagogy in Practice | Megan McIntyre: As an approach to building classroom environments, postpedagogy works to combine critical pedagogy’s student-centered approaches to decision-making and assessment with experimental composing modes, practices, and/or genres and specific, sustained reflection. However, this commitment to experimentation can leave students confused and anxious, especially when projects lack constraints. This presenter argues that this pain can be made productive, but only through specific and sustained reflection and offers concrete examples from practice.

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