Service Learning/Civic Engagement: Environmental Risks, Girlhood, and Nonprofit use of social networks

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Online Activist Spaces: Representing Environmental Risk | Barbara George: My research explores the intersection between representing environmental risk phenomena and online activist spaces. I will explore how techne is woven into knowledge making about industrial processes that impact participant’s local environments.

Making girls and girlhood: Inhabiting physical and virtual spaces to craft new identities | Jen Almjeld: A recent community engagement project asked a class of undergraduate rhetoric students and 40 local middle schoolers to put knowledge learned in our classrooms – episteme – into action by composing for and with others. This presentation will explore ways a rhetoric class used multimodal tools to expand students’ identities along with those of our community partners.

Commitments and Obligations: Two Small Nonprofits' Use of Social Networks | Angela Glotfelter: The presenter will discuss the results of a participatory study seeking to investigate 1) Obstacles small nonprofits face when using emerging technologies like social networks and 2) How different contexts shape nonprofits’ use of social networks. The presenter will also seek to engage the audience in discussions about how we as practitioners and teachers of professional and technical communication teach our students about social networks and how institution-community partnerships can be formed in participatory manners.

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Davis 188
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Concurrent Session B