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Anne Wysocki and Johndan Johnson-Eilola broke new ground in 1999 when they asked, "why are we using literacy as a metaphor for everything else?" They showed how iteracies are linked with forms and media and "bundled" with concerns like identity, access, and culture. This panel will discuss and respond to the concerns and implications of current constructs of "digital literacy." The group will start with the premise that terms like literacy can become empty markers when left unchallenged. It is clear that "digital literacy" has become, like literacy before it, a marker that can constrain understandings even while it can be deployed (as Matthew Kirschenbaum notes of "digital humanities") tactically. To consider both of these possibilities, panelists will examine three broad paths that can be taken through explorations of digital literacy--multimodal composing, networks and social media, and data studies. The panelists will provide a snapshot of activities on one campus that reveals complexities and implications of digital literacy ranging from the classroom to the committee meeting. Rather than a divided, three-person presentation, the group will explore examples based in document design, web development, video composing, and social media data analysis. For each example, panelists will together explore three key topcis--applicability to teaching, links with rhetorical strategies and critical concerns, and institutional contexts.

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Davis 186
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Concurrent Session B