Wondrous Archives: Techne in the Spaces and Artifacts of Mary Leslie Newton

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Reared in Xenia, Ohio, Mary Leslie Newton spent her career educating young women and wrote extensively throughout her life. In her retirement, spent in Chattanooga, TN, she taught classes on European culture and issues. Through an examination of her life and work, focusing on a series of four spaces of wonder: women’s clubs, archives, digital exhibit, and bulletin board, we speak from different perspectives of our archival research project. The digital exhibit we crafted simultaneously creates a new space of wonder while honoring the spaces Mary Leslie created in the 20th century. We demonstrate techne in various moments throughout our project, including our design of the digital exhibit that shares moments from Mary Leslie Newton’s life and works and Mary Leslie’s teaching, writing, and speaking. These forms of techne demonstrate her need to craft specific spaces of wonder and our response to ensure her voice remains heard.

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Davis 1121
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Concurrent Session C