ePortfolios, multimodal ethnographies, and aurality in composing processes

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Giving Voice to Reflection: Aurality, Multimodal Reflection, and Self-Assessment | Ruth Book: This presentation proposes a framework to utilize the affordances of voice and aurality across multiple modes in order to encourage reflection that is critical as well as open-ended in an undergraduate writing classroom. This speaker will present a form of multimodal self-assessment and generative reflection that encourages students to consider theirs and peers’ work as a site of invention.

Current Limitations with ePortfolios: Empowering Students to Take Back Process | Margaret Collins: Portfolios utilize process-based instruction with the hope that, through ePortfolios, students view writing more as a process than a product. This presentation argues that first-year writing students lose the sense of wonder often paired with ePortfolios and pinpoints issues with the portfolio system—using Bowling Green State University’s ePortfolio system as an example— we share how writing instructors can focus more on process by using reflection and critical pedagogy as guides.

Engaging Students in Places of Wonder Inside and Outside of the Classroom: Using Ethnography and Multimodality in the Writing Classroom | Diana Awad Scrocco: This presentation offers a theoretical and practical discussion about how to engage students in places of wonder inside and outside of the classroom via field research, ethnographic writing, and multimodality.

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Davis 185
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