What a Wonderful (sub)Field….

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This panel presentation is a celebration of the two decades since the publication of Gail Hawisher, Cynthia Selfe, Paul LeBlanc, and Charles Moran’s Computers and the Teaching of Writing in American Higher Education 1979-1994: A History.  The presenters have been working collaboratively on an eBook project documenting the growth of and changes in the Computers and Writing community since (what we call) the History book left off in 1994.  Computers and Writing is known for being a wonderfully welcoming, friendly, and supportive (sub)field, and the work of the four panelists, which involves reading through twenty years of Computers and Composition and Kairos; interviewing teacher-scholars; and looking at twenty years of Computers and Writing conference programs, supports and illustrates this sentiment.  Our presentation will be a multimedia preview of the eBook and a discussion of the process of its creation.

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Davis 2225
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Concurrent Session C