Imagining Collective Cultural Rhetorics Practices: constellations: a cultural rhetorics publishing space as a case study

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This panel will focus on theorizing and building the infrastructure for a culturally-relevant digital scholarly publishing platform: constellations: a cultural rhetorics publishing space. It brings together a team of one senior faculty, one junior faculty, and one graduate student to discuss the relevant considerations (deciding on systems and software, usability, visual aesthetics, etc.) needed to establish an infrastructure that underscores mentorship and supports underrepresented scholars through a digital platform. Coming from a variety of backgrounds and experiences, the speakers discuss the approaches, possibilities, limitations, and challenges for initiating a sustainable publication model based on diversity, inclusivity, mentoring, and collaboration. While particular speakers will focus on how they brought specific realms of expertise to the project, they will also model collective practice in terms of what they have learned, inviting conference attendees to join in collaborative conversations about digital production and publishing in inclusive spaces.

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Davis 102
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Concurrent Session C