Electronics Composition: Paper-based Circuit Crafting and Physical-Digital Texts

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In the summer of 2014, the National Writing Project in conjunction with NEXMAP sponsored a "hack your notebook day" in which they encouraged people to use paper-based circuit crafting materials--conductive tape, conductive ink, conductive paint, conductive thread, and conductive fabric--to create physical-digital texts. In this mini-workshop I will introduce paper-based circuit crafting as a form of material composition (Shipka) and walk the group through the creation of three basic circuits -- a simple circuit, a parallel circuit, and a switch -- using graphite, conductive tape, and Circuit Stickers. We will spend some time discussing how paper-based circuit crafting has been and might be used in composition classrooms, and I will provide participants with additional resources so that they can further explore paper-based electronics on their own.

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Davis 195
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Concurrent Session C