Techne, ethics, and interactive poetry

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Toward a Student-Crafted Composition Course | Matthew Halm: In college composition both students and instructors can and should participate in crafting the course. Technē is both process and product: the craft producing and the craft produced. Pedagogies of process or post-process aim to make the focus of composition the act of writing. That focus can be realized by including students in the process of crafting the course itself. When students participate in the creation of the course they are encouraged to view it as a low-stakes environment where drafting, mistakes, and “wonder” are the goal, not just steps along the way to a grade.

Interactive Close Reading: An Innovative Web Course on Reading Poetry | Zak Risha: I argue that reading poetry requires a skillset that must be learned, practiced, and refined. While close reading is traditionally trained in college classrooms, such spaces cannot reach broad audiences. My project involves the construction of a web app that applies interactive learning strategies, through a series of exercises, to cultivate expert reading practices in novice users.

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Davis 184
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