Listening, reclaiming agency, and tracing audiobook archives

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Tracing and Valuing Free, Crowd-sourced Digital Humanities Work | amelia chesley: This presentation traces the digital publishing history of the audiobook archive LibriVox through its procedures, policies, and praxis, with a goal of articulating the value of the transformative recording, digital preservation, and community building being done by LibriVox volunteers.

Reclaiming and (Re)Inventing Accessibility, Inclusion, and Agency for Gender and Motherhood in Social Media Spaces | Barbi Smyser-Fauble: This presentation builds upon discussions of technofeminism and disability studies to recommend a feminist disability studies framework for scholars and activists to enact in their pursuits to embrace and reclaim more inclusive applications of the term “woman” and “motherhood” within social media debates for gender equality and reproductive rights.

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Davis 183
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