Writing studies: online search algorithms, memorials, and approximation of genres

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The Wonder of Online Search: Exploring the Rhetoric of Algorithms | Daniel Hocutt: This presentation proposes Bryant’s (2014) onto-cartography as a methodology that can be employed to develop and teach algorithmic literacy. The rhetoric of algorithms represents the emergent assemblage agency of human and nonhuman entities that acts on users during online search sessions, embedded among the interaction of users and hardware, software, code, operating system, interface, and corporate institutions.

Dissonant Wonder/ment: Materiality, Memorials, and a Rhetoric of Hospitality | April OBrien: This presentation studies a Southern town’s three sites of memorial that relay a sanitized history. Through an interrogation of these sites, the presenter will argue that the town utilizes a rhetoric of hospitality to deflect from a history that is marked by slavery and colonialism. Drawing from space/place rhetorics, new materialism, and electrate memorialization, the presentation will ultimately maintain that the way the town memorializes its history reinforces segregation as well as implicit forms of racism.

“But Mom, I want to make a cartoon” or “Iron Man that sh**”: Approximation and Letting Go in Teaching Composition | Adrienne Jankens: Accepting a readiness for multimodal composing in composition curricula, through the presentation of field notes and student artifacts, I explore how instruction centered in creating conditions for learning (Cambourne 1995) can support students’ approximation of genres and processes in ways that free them up to make the kinds of decisions Shipka (2011) describes, so that the potential for a fuller use of the composed spaces of the classroom can manifest.

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