Crafted Communication: Enabling Wonder and Multimodality with Writing Process Maps

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The Writing Process Map is an assignment that we have used to “hack” the literacy narrative genre. The Map integrates collaged visuals (hand-drawn, clip art, photos, etc.) and a written explanation so students at multiple levels of skill can explore and reflect on their personal writing process. Positioned at the start of the course, this assignment challenges their assumptions and preconceptions about writing so that they move away from a linear model to one that embraces wonder and encourages reflective change. In the mini-workshop, student examples will be shared and participants will create their own writing process maps to reflect on how the assignment changes their own perceptions of their writing process. The session will present models for integrating the assignment in composition courses. There also will be time to brainstorm additional models to tailor the assignment to participants’ specific campus environments. This session will be especially useful to participants who would like to integrate multimodal work in their classrooms but are limited in time and resources.

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Davis 185
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Concurrent Session D