Service Learning/Civic Engagement: Hashtags, archives, and cultural techniqes of activists

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Wandering into Wondering and Wonder with(in) a Digital Archive | Phil Bratta: Contributing to ongoing digital research in the humanities and social sciences, this presentation explores the affective and cultural techniques of activists and how a researcher might affectively experience and interpret the digital-cultural artifacts. Using a mixed methods approach (interviews, data visualizations, tactile-visual rhetorical analysis, and story), this presentation offers findings from analysis of several labor union activist posters in the Joséph Labadie Archive Poster Collection, evincing cultural affect and its ability to evoke wondering and wonder as it moves in and with activist texts, archivist materials, and a researcher’s body.

#LATISM as Techne: Creating Digital Narratives for the Hispanic/Latino Community| Jasmine Villa: The purpose of this presentation is to examine how Latinos in Tech and Social Media, a non-profit organization, uses #LATISM as a techne and as an interplay of multimodal spaces (physical and digital). The #LATISM hashtag capitalizes on the use of social/participatory media to create a space of wonder where multiple actors interact, and ultimately lead to “wondering,” such as fostering advocacy and digital narratives of the Hispanic/Latino community.

Georgia Through the Looking Glass: Sparking Wonder through Archives-Centered and Community Engaged Pedagogy | Elizabeth Davis: This presentation will discuss my work with service-learning and archives-centered pedagogies as methods for thinking about digital writing as craft, and libraries and public service units as spaces of and for wonder/ing. These experiential learning approaches ask students to step into new spaces and to join in the project of writing their state’s past, present, and future. In moving from doing to knowing, students will consider how writing evolves from techne into episteme and the implications for digital literacies.

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Davis 186
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Concurrent Session D