Creating Archives of Wonder(ing) using Scalar 2

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This mini-workshop will help participants become familiar with Scalar 2 (Scalar), an open-source, web composing platform well-suited to embedding various digital media, especially for archival purposes. Scalar’s design allows for long-form, born-digital scholarship that encourages “nested, recursive, and non-linear formats” (About). Indeed, a Scalar site acts much like Susan Delagrange’s description of Wunderkammern, or wonder cabinets filled with a variety of objects—in this case, digital ones—that users can pursue and peruse. In this workshop, participants will learn how to create their digital curiosity cabinets, and they will learn the rhetorical possibilities and pitfalls of composing in Scalar. Participants will learn how to create a Scalar book/site, make pages, and embed media. In addition, we will discuss creating annotations for media, data visualizations of collected material, and how the structure of Scalar allows for non-linear, layered meaning making. Toward the end of the workshop, we will break into small groups to discuss how Scalar might be included in various classroom settings and assignments, and then come together as a large group to share those insights.

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Davis 196
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Concurrent Session E