Making Space for Wonder: Meeting the Needs of a Multimodal Campus through Evaluative and Reflective Practices, Consultant-Led Programing, and Professional Development in Physical and Digital Environments

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The Noel Studio for Academic Creativity creates opportunities for both wondering and wonder through the purposeful cultivation of environments and pedagogy designed to encourage students and faculty to embrace the concept of play through experimenting with multimodal composition concepts and strategies. The pedagogy of Noel Studio spaces and services run parallel, crafting continuous modification of its physical and digital spaces--each tweak to one sending ripples of change through the other. In this roundtable, the Director, Associate Director of Programs & Outreach, Assistant Director of Writing & Communications, and current and incoming Consultant Leaders will discuss assessment-driven revisions of the Noel Studio’s workshop program and consultant professional development series, and impactful modifications made to our physical and digital spaces along the way. Presenters will also provide insight into how they juxtaposed such analyses with EKU’s proposed Quality Enhancement Plan and burgeoning professional development activities at the faculty level to take advantage of and improve upon the wonder inherent in our physical and digital spaces. Presenters welcome discussion, posing questions of sustainability, training, and student and consultant empowerment and encouraging participants to offer insights and suggestions of their own.

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Davis 2225
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