Writing studies: Technical communication, templates, and multimodal assessment

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Introducing Wonder in the Technical Writing Classroom | Lindsay Clark, Melody Denny: This presentation shares the experiences of instructors at different universities who reimagined their upper-level writing course curriculums to include multimodal activities and assignments. Using pedagogical reflections, assignments, and student reflections collected during the course, we explore the ways students’ composing processes are influenced by technology, how we create wonder in our class activities and discussions about digital communication, and present the opportunities and challenges that emerge during this process.

Missing Wonderful Opportunities: An Assessment of the Multimodal Requirement in a WP Curriculum | Alyssa McGrath: This is an evaluation of the multimodal component in a FYC program at a mid-size public Midwestern university, wherein writing instructors discuss the ways they define, value, and teach multimodality. I will explore the implications of this assessment for writing instructors and writing programs and extend the discussion of multimodality to focus on how we can assess the ways we have taken up multimodality.

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Davis 195
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