Social Media: Identity, Pinterest, Memes

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"My Dream Life": Negotiating Religious Ideologies on Pinterest | Bree Gannon: This presentation will describe the findings of an eighteen month study of young religious women on Pinterest and will focus on the participants’ use of Pinterest to cultivate “dreams” and how they used the digital space to negotiate their dream life and their real life.

Picking and Choosing Identity: Exploring the Influence of Friends as Audience in Facebook Composition and Engagement | Lacy Hope: This presentation aims to clearly couple the theories surrounding social networking site (SNS) pedagogy and online identity construction by examining how the presence of Facebook Friends influences a student’s online rhetorical identity and thus the nature of their public composition.

All Internet Memes are Epideictic: Enthymemes and Social Discourse | G Bret Strauch (Bowers): This presentation establishes the epidictic function of internet memes and how visual enthymemes present within memes shape cultural and social thought processes. The panelist shows how this type of analysis can demystify cultural and social discourses and reveal the power of written artifacts for FYC and advanced writing courses.

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Davis 186
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Concurrent Session E