Technologies: Digital tools, FYC and ethical implications, LMS practical pointers

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Keeping Wonder in Check: Balancing the *How* of Digital Tools with the *Why* When Designing Technology-Heavy Writing Courses | Michael McLeod, Dawn Opel: The co-presenters will describe how they balanced the how of technology with the why, or developing critical literacies alongside the functional, when designing a technology-heavy course.

Practical Pointers for Usable Learning Management Systems | Sara Doan: 85% of higher education faculty in the U.S. use learning management systems (LMS) (Dalhstrom, Brooks, & Bichsel, 2014); however, not enough research or guidance on LMSes in the writing classrooms exists. Using IRB approved interview and survey data, I outline best usability practices for supporting students’ digital literacies through LMS (Selfe & Hawisher, 2002; Duffelmeyer, 2002), including practical strategies for course structure, accessibility, and personalization to enable instructors to better meet students’ needs.

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Davis 183
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