Adventures in Blogging: Some wonder-ful (and wonder-less) pedagogical experiments in student blogging

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After several semesters of using a course blog as a tool for facilitating low-stakes writing outside of my classroom space, I began to experiment with alternative models. I was hoping to find a method that would increase student engagement with the blogs and foster student investment in both their own writing and that of their classmates. This poster presentation seeks to provide an overview of these experiments by outlining several methodological approaches to student blogging that I have incorporated into first-year writing seminars over the past four semesters.  My poster will highlight the pedagogical implications of each approach and specifically highlight two unique methods: 1) my use of a joint-class blog across two different seminar sections and 2) my use of blog writing as serialized preparation for an academic research project.

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Davis Lobby B
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Concurrent Session F and Poster Session