Social Media: Access, Architecture, Click Bait, and Trolls

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“Facing” the Troll: A Levinasian Approach to Online Hate Speech | Matthew Overstreet: Diane Davis, following Emmanuel Levinas, has recently suggested that all common meanings are underlain by a “structure of exposure”—a presymbolic openness to the unassimilable alterity of the other.  My paper argues that Twitter enacts this “preoriginary addressability,” and discusses the pedagogical implications therein.

Why Click Bait Matters: False Wonder and Awe in the 2016 Presidential Race | Elizabeth Dickhut: A headline like “Emails, Genitalia and the F.B.I.” is handcrafted by the news organizations to bait Facebook users to click. These financially motivated titles create a new space in online journalism to manipulate the curiosity of the audience by creating a false sense of wonder and awe. This phenomenon also has larger implications on the relationship between computers, composition, and the audience.

Mind the Gap: Fostering Empathy in Trump’s America | Melissa Forbes: In this presentation, I ask a simple question: if one were to design an online space aimed specifically at creating understanding between the right and the left, what would that space look like and how would it work? I examine obstacles that prevent productive political discussion, layout possibilities to create the ultimate act of wondering in these spaces. Finally, I conclude by pointing to ways that we might create such spaces in miniature in our everyday interactions.

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Davis 195
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