This is How We Do It: Creative Collectives in the Humanities

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The refrain in Computers and Writing has been the same since the 1980s: Why are we doing this in a writing class? Over the years, the pronoun this has referred to various technologies: from Hugh Burns’ programmed Heuristics, to digital conversation on Local Area Networks, HTML code and web design, to content management systems and programming, to 3D printing and game design. The field attracts some students with shiny new technologies while others resist, hearkening to back-to-basics. Each transition in technology, from Mac vs. PC debates to programming vs. templates, seems to return to what Umberto Eco labeled religious iconography in dichotomy. Instead of asserting bifurcation and forcing false choice among complementary, emergent technologies, we propose to focus discussion on perennial challenges to innovation, posed by students and other stakeholders: Why study games in writing class? How does 3D printing teach literacy? The session offers support for creative collectives, community building for progressive instruction, while meeting institutional expectations.

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Davis 1129
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Concurrent Session G