Interactive Fiction - A Metastory: How We Teach with Games

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As a research group, we are developing a TWINE game (an interactive narrative-based platform) for instructors that focuses on how instructors use games in the classroom. This game would showcase various ways we approach using games in the classroom. This panel discussion is a preview of the conversations we are engaged in about how we handle access to games in our various classrooms, how the students’ technological literacy affects our instruction, how the additional mediation of games in the classrooms direct the modality of our assignments, and how the affordances we have gained or lost evolve our lesson planning. Our panel will also reflect on the process of writing a hypertextual twine game, and about using games to teach writing and communication. Each presenter will tackle the challenges and pedagogical choices that come with teaching writing and games and offer how their pedagogical perspective will add to the scholarly game we will produce.

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Davis 1121
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Concurrent Session G