Writing studies and OWI: Transparent Immediacy, Journaling, and a Taxonomy of Narratives

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A New Window: Transparent Immediacy and the Online Writing Center | Anna Worm: In this presentation, I argue that calling attention to the tutoring interface and to the multimodal dimensions of the online writing center tutoring session can be a strategic way to engage students in metacognitive thinking about their writing processes, about their composing tools, and about their social environments.

Journaling with OneNote in Online Writing Classes | Jason McIntosh: Writers' journals provide rich spaces for writers to explore, experiment with, and revise writing away from the high-stakes pressures of the rough draft. This presentation will examine methods of teaching Microsoft's OneNote as a digital version of the print-form journal, specifically how OneNote supports the wondering and reflecting about writing that are fundamental to journaling practices.

Online Scientific Storytelling: A Taxonomy of Narratives from Award-Winning Museum Websites | Karen Lunsford: In this study, I analyze a corpus of 40 award-winning websites that accompany science museum exhibits. I describe a full taxonomy of the different scientific narratives that are employed to convey science information to the public, a taxonomy useful for science communication courses and for future studies.

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Davis 185
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