Social Media: Sponsored identities, #bossbabe, and transnational perspectives

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#Bossbabe: Rhetorics of Female Empowerment in Direct Sales Communities on Social Media| Katherine DeLuca: Building upon scholarship on women’s rhetorical experiences in online communities, this presentation explores how direct sales communities on social media spaces use rhetorics of feminist empowerment to entice and engage consumers. Examining the use of hashtags, memes, and interpersonal interactions in sales communities for LuLaRoe, a direct-to-consumer clothing company, this presentation traces how feminist themes are used to develop communities based primarily in sales, enabled by digital media communications.

Transnational Perspectives on Social Media: Access, Multiliteracies, and Identity | Wei Cen: International students studying at American universities have their own transnational perspectives on social media due to their geographically, culturally, and linguistically diverse backgrounds. Based on a research project that investigates international students’ digital literacy practices, this presentation discusses how access to social media can be influenced by politics and religions, how international students develop multiliteracies through the use of social media, and how international students shape their identities in the digital space.

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Davis 195
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Concurrent Session G