What "Counts" in Digital Scholarship?: Contributions to the Sweetland Digital Rhetoric Collaborative Wiki

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In this mini-workshop, participants will be asked to “wonder” about our field’s ideas of digital scholarship by taking part in a focused revision of the Sweetland Digital Rhetoric Collaborative (DRC) wiki. We see the value of resources such as blogs and wikis for classrooms and in our research, and we invite workshop participants to consider how authorship in these spaces “counts” as scholarship. First, we discuss DRC resources and projects, reflect on how one might contribute to the DRC, and ask the guiding question of how these contributions “count” as scholarship. Then we introduce participants to the DRC wiki, showing them how to access the wiki and how to add content and make revisions. For the majority of our time, then, participants will collaborate on entries about non-traditional scholarship in the key texts section of the DRC wiki. To conclude the session, we will facilitate discussion to reflect on our activity, as well as to reflect on how work with online resources like the DRC can be viewed and presented as scholarly work. We invite participants to continue this discussion beyond the conference by submitting reflective blog posts to the DRC.

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Davis 196
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Concurrent Session H