Pedagogies: Strategies, Ideologies, and Memes as Global Texts

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Developing Strategies for Creativity Literacy: Cultivating Multimodal Composition Spaces of Wonder | Sohui Lee, Russell Carpenter: The presenters argue that teaching for creativity and creativity literacy is crucial for encouraging student “wondering” and engagement with low and high-tech multimodal assignments in classroom and multiliteracy center spaces. In this presentation, we discuss an experimental, modular textbook project that explores the ways creativity literacy may be cultivated among student composers. This presentation will ask for audiences share in how they connect creativity, design, and rhetoric in their own curriculum or teaching and learning practices, including those designed for tutor development.

Memes as Global Texts | Cynthia Davidson: Rosaria Conté (2000) argues that memes are spread by actors, not some biological imperative or mindless mechanical transmission. Designing assignments that ask students to treat the memes as multimodal texts with global impact may be an effective way to counter the flattening effects of globalization that affect critical thinking and communication. Drawing from theory in multimodal rhetoric and media studies, I'll examine several memes as global texts and a range of assignments that instructors can engage.

Games as Ideological Teaching Tools: Environmentalism and Shigesato Itoi's "Mother 3" | James Vnuk: Using James Paul Gee’s theory concerning video games as learning tools, I argue that games can function as ideological teaching devices by using their unique set of multimodal and interactive qualities, creating emotional responses and investment as players perform ideology. My intention is to demonstrate how this understanding of games as teaching tools can be applied as critical analysis of games as texts in examples like Mother 3, and work toward developing a theoretical model for analyzing other works.

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Davis 185
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Concurrent Session H