Show Your Work: Investigating Digital Methods in Humanities Research

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While digital methodologies for the production, publication, and circulation of research are increasingly becoming mainstream in English studies, especially among digital rhetoric and humanities practitioners (Grabill & Pigg, 2012; McKee & Devoss, 2007; Nickoson & Sheridan, 2012), such methods are not always rendered transparent in ways that allow us to “show our work.” In an effort to share and create transparent spaces around discussions of digital methods, Kairos PraxisWiki published a special year-long theme on "Investigating Digital Methods in Humanities Research" throughout 2016. This Roundtable presentation brings together editors and select authors whose work was featured in this effort for a broader discussion and presentation of digital methodologies, and their influence on emerging research. Discussions will include the use of Blackboard CMS for large-scale data collection and programmatic review, Transcribe.Wreally for transcriptions of interview audio, body-worn digital video camera for the study of gestural rhetoric and meaning-making, and Twitter Capture and Analysis Toolset to format archives for data visualizations in Gephi.

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Davis 2225
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Concurrent Session H