Social Media: Chronos, Tempermental Margains, and Reflexive Pedagogies

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Teaching from the Temperamental Margins: Personality Types, Social Media Articles, and a Multimodal Approach | Shane Combs: This presentation offers a case study of teacher-researcher in using multimodal work—namely social media style articles on personality type—to challenge students’ notions of themselves, of the relational, and of what qualifies as affective/effective written work.

Reflexive Pedagogy: Shared Risk-Taking in the Classroom | Oriana Gilson: Advocating for reflexive and democratic digital pedagogies that invite students and instructors to challenge and complement each other as they engage in shared risk-taking, this presentation considers how dominant assumptions of students’ digital prowess, alongside traditionally understood roles of teachers and students, can be reframed to encourage digital exploration and engagement within the classroom.  Drawing both on personal experience and scholarship, this presentation considers the shaping of composing identities centered on flexibility and critical engagement.

The Role of Chronos in Digital Rhetoric and Pedagogy| John Gallagher: This presentation examines of the role of time, in terms of chronos, for writing on the World Wide Web. It argues that clock time and algorithmic time are useful for digital rhetoric pedagogies. I provide an assignment I used in my upper-level English class that encourages a quantitative approach to publishing on the Web using chronos-time models.

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Davis 195
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Concurrent Session H