Wearables and the Fashion-ing of Affect and Meaning-Making

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Arranging and Re-Arranging: Fashioning Mood Boards and their Affective Dimension | Christina Rowell: This presentation reports on a semester-long study of the composing processes of fashion design students, with a specific focus on arrangement and delivery in mood boards. The research aims to understand how arrangement and delivery manifest in the mood boards, how those canons inform the composing process, and how fashion designers endeavor to convey or provoke emotions through their mood boards.

“Clothes Encounters:” Fashion as Meaning-Making in FYC | Rachel McCabe: This presentation explores the ways in which fashion can be utilized as a tool for analysis in the composition classroom. While the complexities of fashion were explored by Barthes in 1967, the full spectrum of generic conventions and assumptions have come to fruition over the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. Scholars have identified the communicative and political dimensions of fashion, but I am interested in utilizing fashion as a text for student development.

Between fear and astonishment: The rhetorics of wearables and privacy | Jason Tham: In an age of pervasive technology––where public, private, and hybrid information are increasingly blurred––how might digital rhetoric inform our administrative and pedagogical practices involving student data in and outside the classroom? This presentation seeks to address the rhetorics of pervasiveness, control, and digital discrimination in a time of wearable technology.

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Davis 186
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Concurrent Session H