Ums, Oohs, and Ohms: Crafting Voices and Spaces through Rhetoric and Resistance

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Discussing music, noise, and power, Jacques Attali asserts, “There is no power without the control of noise and without a code for analyzing, marking, restricting, training, repressing, and channeling sound, be it the sound of language, of the body, of tools, of objects, or of relationships with others and with oneself” (x). Exploring this claim, these three presentations consider the persuasive functions of techne in disciplines and communities from three distinct but overlapping perspectives. Speaker 1 offers a sonic text populated with traditionally discarded vocalizations to examine missed meaning and propose feminist editing practices; Speaker 2 uses sonic and body rhetorics to demonstrate how communities shape and sort themselves through singing practices; and Speaker 3 interrogates power structures that govern sonic environments through the control of noise. By examining the intentional, rhetorical crafting of sound in both physical and digital spaces, this immersive and interactive panel wonders aloud about the control and manipulation of sound at the intersection of craft, art, and discipline, exploring the exclusion, alignment, and regulation of voices and objects across class and culture.

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Davis 184
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Concurrent Session H