Technologies: Techne and Metis, Writing with Robots, and Restoring Exploration to Invention

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Techne and Metis: Embodied Wonder(ing) in Digital Multimodal Spaces | Kyllikki Rytov: I’d like to explore the notion that techne and metis are intertwined such that digital multimodal spaces can be usefully construed as opportunities for wondering and wonder. Thus, it’s important to consider how we might understand the role of metis in relation to techne and how foregrounding that for students who are composing digitally could help them wonder (in terms of student interest) in these spaces of wondering (in terms of student reflection).

Writing with Robots and Other Curiosities of The Age of Machine Rhetorics | Bill Hart-Davidson: In this presentation, a designer and builder of machine-learning writing robots raises questions about the ethical boundaries for rhetorical education, for both humans and machines. Seeing these technologies up close and at work is essential for moving beyond discussion of machine-scoring to a more fullsome discussion of artificial and automated writing technologies.

Restoring Exploration to Invention: Database, Digital Ecologies and Relational Meaning-Making | Trinity Overmyer: The project centers on a SQL database created for the purpose of invention, in order to look at how sense-making, with and through complex digital ecologies, can operate as spaces of wonder. The presentation explores what the relational nature of a SQL database can teach us about how to restore uncertainty and a sense of exploration to the meaning-making process.

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Davis 183
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