The Techne of Audience: Being/Bringing the “Real” into the Classroom

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How do we get first-year students to move beyond the academic essay and experiment with digital writing for audiences other than the teacher? How might games complicate or clarify the intersections between virtual and real in composition classes with outside audiences? How can students write for “real” audiences and still operate within the classroom “playground” in which experimentation is encouraged and failure is embraced as experience? How can we use the internet to get our students to collaborate with students from other states, other countries? How do we as writing teachers create open, meaningful assignments that get students to do public work while operating within the limits of a First Year Writing (FYW) curriculum?

This session will open with a brief foundation of pedagogical theory as it applies to bringing outside influences into the classroom space. Our panelists will share some of the multi-modal assignments they’ve used with their FYW students and the invite their audience to join the discussion as we grapple with these issues. Our audience will be both on-site and virtual — by means of a hashtag that will be publicized in advance on an open-access online journal.

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Davis 181
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Concurrent Session I