Queer Techne: Making Zines, Researching with Video, and Teaching Comics

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This panel explores how students, scholars, and communities use/invoke queer techne, queer making, and queer doing through DIY and digital work, focusing on zines, video/documentary, and comics. Presenter 1 examines the queer(ed) composing processes and practices of DIY, handcrafted zines, made for digital spaces. Presenter 2 describes the queer critical research practices of The Gender Project through queer techne. Presenter 3 wonders how students, in crafting queer comics and zines, engage a critical queer techne, or (re)present, (un)make, and (un)know queerness through multimodal means. Together, we offer notions of queer techne that enrich our field’s understandings of digital scholarship, research, and pedagogy.

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Davis 1129
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Concurrent Session I