Transfer and Pedagogy: Digital Writing and Social Media as Reflection and Nuance in FYC

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Re-Connecting Social Media and FYC: Transfer and Digital Writing | Ryan P. Shepherd: This presentation analyzes interviews with 8 students at the beginning of their first-year composition class and one year later. Among the findings are that these students see less of a connection between FYC and social media after completing their classes. The presentation will provide some explanation for why that might be using learning transfer research and will provide some suggestions and sample assignments to help re-forge that connection in FYC classes.

Wandering and “Wonder”-ing As Pedagogical Strategy: Using social media as spaces for reflection and connection | Catherine Braun: This presentation will describe the use of a “digital participation portfolio” and reflective audio composing assignment in an upper-division literacy studies class. I will show examples of students’ work to reveal their engagement with course materials, to trace the development of their critical thinking about the concept of literacy, and to demonstrate their increasing rhetorical savvy with each platform (Twitter, Instagram, Storify, and WordPress).

A Pedagogy of Sociality: Building a More Nuanced Understanding of Social Media’s Role in First-Year Composition | David Coad: Recognizing the significant shift taking place in digital writing research towards social media (Vie, 2008; Kimme Hea 2014; Vie & Walls, 2015), but the relative lack of empirical research on its role in first-year composition (FYC), this talk reveals the most important and relevant findings from a national questionnaire and three in-depth case studies of FYC instructors and students who use social media to teach and learn composition.

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Davis 195
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Concurrent Session I