Technologies: Visualizations, Social Imaginaries, and Social Media as Medical Resource

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Online Activism: Visualizing Communities and Connections | Tracey Hayes: This presentation will discuss a social network analysis of tweets within the #MyNYPD protest, a public protest against police brutality and abuse of power that occurred via Twitter. This analysis visualizes the connections and communities formed within the #MyNYPD protest. Through examining the most proficient tweeters, either by the number of tweets or the number of retweets their tweets garnered, the connections between different players and their roles within the protest are discovered.

Writing into the social imaginary: The protester in two scenes | Joseph Cirio: This presentation situates the current interests in digitally-mediated writing of 21st century social movements by grounding such writing historically in preceding protests that employed “old media” to facilitate their movement(s). This presentation looks at two parallel scenes of protests. I draw upon a framework of social imaginary (Taylor, Warner) to articulate the tie between these two movements.

Herpblr = Tumblr + Herpes: Social Media as Medical Resource for Living with an STI | Gina Kruschek: The focus of this presentation is on the co-opting of the social media site Tumblr for by existing the purposes of providing emotional support and medical advice to individuals recently diagnosed with Herpes Simplex Virus I or II (HSV-I/HSV-II). This presenter argues that the stigma of an STI diagnosis disrupts communication between healthcare providers and their patients, thereby creating an exigence for the creation of “Herpblr.”

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Davis 186
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Concurrent Session I