Access: Location, Coding Literacies, and Learning through Failure in Digital Composing

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‘Not all those who wander are lost’: Learning through failure in digital composing | Ashanka Kumari, Erin Kathleen Bahl: In this presentation, we reflect on an experience of collaborative wondering at the 2016 Digital Media and Composition (DMAC) Institute to consider the significance of failure in creating digital projects. Faced with the challenge of adding closed captioning to a Concept in 60 video, we engaged in a trial-and-error internet tutorial search to unsuccessfully stumble our way through MovieCaptioner, QuickTime Pro, and YouTube. Finally, we discovered and learned how to use a (new-to-us) tool called Handbrake that offered us an open-source method for creating closed-captioned videos.

Creating Conditions for Wonder and Innovation: How Location is Changing the Future of Online Writing Instruction | Casey McArdle: This presentation focuses on a case study that examines how the physical location of students can impact their success in online courses. The findings suggest a new approach is needed towards distance education as the farther a student is from where the course is offered, the less successful the student. Rethinking the connections between location, usability, and accessibility is required to move Online Writing Instruction into more successful spaces for students and teachers.

"Better than a superpower": Coding Literacy Magic and Myth | Brandee Easter: In a video for, model Karlie Kloss discusses coding as “better than a superpower.” Wendy Chun has explored how code as logos conjures up power for the programmer, who “magically transforms words into things” (19). This rhetoric of magic positions coding as an exclusive and innate ability. By analyzing digital literacy nonprofits and educational coding games, I explore the ways that magic presents programming as a desirable, yet inaccessible, skill. Ultimately, I argue that a rhetoric of magic perpetuates a digital literacy myth and further distances would-be coders.

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Davis 183
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