(Re)Generation: Creating Spaces to Wander

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Comprised of four second-generation computers and writing scholars, this panel explores how composing in multimodal spaces affords opportunities not only for wonder/wondering but also spaces and opportunities for wandering—specifically so, for wandering back to an earlier piece of scholarship, considering how we might, following Bolter and Grusin, “honor, rival and revise” that work today.

For this town hall, we each chose works composed at different points in our academic careers—a project created thirteen years ago for a graduate seminar, a conference presentation given ten years ago, and, finally, a co-authored text published five years ago.    

Following Michael Shanks, we wanted to move beyond something’s “given state” to “follow the process in which it becomes something else” (43). Put otherwise, in (re)generating works created at other times, in other contexts, for other purposes, etc. we enact what Shanks calls “sensuous receptivity”—a greater awareness and appreciation of how “every new insight about an object literally changes what that object is, its identity, and thus our attitudes and actions toward it” (112). Importantly, beyond considering how these works might now be remade and transformed, we consider the ways that we, as scholars and makers, have also been transformed.

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Egner Theater
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Town Hall 2