From Digital Activism to Trolling: Interrogating Sexism in Political Discourse Online

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The 2016 U.S. Presidential election was a schadenfreude-filled media spectacle in which many engaged in online spaces that served to amplify cultural anxieties and biases. The speakers on this Town Hall panel examine cases of political participation online with a special focus on sexism and sexual violence. The panelists raise complex questions about how Twitter another online platforms shape civic engagement and ethical concerns of researchers in social media spaces.

“‘I’m With Her’:  Strategies Used to Combat Sexism Found within Live Tweets of the 2016 U.S. Presidential Debates,” Melissa Ames

“Analyzing Rape Memes from the 2016 Election,” Rachael Sullivan

“On the Ethics, Methods, and Publication of Publicly Private #notokay Election Tweet,” Bill Wolff

“From Helpful to Hindering: Assessing the Digital Writing Strategies of #NotMyPresident,” Kristi McDuffie

“‘Maybe she can be a feminist and still claim her own opinions?,’ or: How I learned to stop worrying because I accidentally counter-trolled,” Vyshali Manivannan

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Egner Theater
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Town Hall 3