Coming Off the Bench: Grant “Homerun” Johnson

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Presenters: Jenne Cairns and Kristen Hudson

Do you ever wonder why some people find a permanent place in local lore while others fade into obscurity?  Everyone knows that Findlay is home to composer Tell Taylor, but Findlay is also the hometown of Grant Johnson. Johnson has the distinction of being not only one of the ‘heavy hitters’ in early professional baseball, but also was an African-American man playing on a racially-integrated team in Findlay in the late 1890s.  Through primary source photographs provided by the Hancock Historical Museum, and additional information gleaned from digital research, this presentation includes a virtual museum exhibition about Johnson and his life, using modern technology to help bring this historic Findlay native the attention he deserves.

The Black Heritage Library and Multicultural Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of diversity education and intercultural experiences. In existence for over 30 years, the Center blends art understanding and appreciation with civic and cultural education, and public service.

NOTE: This workshop and travel time conflicts with A Sessions

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Black Heritage Library and Multicultural Center
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Wonder Workshop 1