The Rhetoric of Blacksmithing: Forging Connections to Hancock County’s History

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Presenters: Anne Eley and Susanne Seybold

Noting that the blacksmith played a vital role in the communities of early 20th century America, we studied The Hancock Historical Museum display of a variety of blacksmithing and farrier tools. In the museum archives, we analyzed pictures, ledgers, and city directories speaking more specifically to the role of blacksmiths in Hancock County. Though some tools are worn beyond recognition, they speak to the strength, creativity, and craftsmanship of the blacksmith. Through our research, we learned about John Dutton of Williamstown, Burgan, and Thompson Blacksmith Shop of Findlay and Ralph “Pard” and Tommy Bowman blacksmiths of Arlington, OH. Our desire is to present to the visitors of the museum the stories of these blacksmiths, their trade, and their tools. Because techne is the art of crafting, we look at blacksmithing as a discipline. In our presentation, we explore how blacksmiths used their tools to craft spaces of art and community.

The Hancock Historical Museum was founded in 1970 as a place to preserve and share local history. Since then, the HHM has grown into a campus of nine facilities and a collection of over 70,000 books, photographs, manuscripts, and artifacts, united in a single mission—to embody our unique sense of place through the art of everyday mementos.

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Hancock Historical Museum
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Wonder Workshop 2