About the feedback process

What is early stage feedback?

Prior to the official submission process, members of the C&W community can submit a draft of their proposal to be reviewed by a senior scholar in the field. This is especially helpful because submitters can get feedback on their ideas, receive suggestions about areas to focus on, and can revise their proposal before submitting it for the official review.

How many times can I edit my proposal?

During the feedback stage and until the official submission deadline, you can submit a draft proposal, edit a draft proposal, and revise it as many times as needed. How do I indicate that I want to receive early stage feedback? Login to the conference website, create a proposal, and before saving the proposal, and select yes in the feedback drop down menu.

How long does it take to receive feedback?

Conference organizers will assign a senior scholar to review your proposal. We anticipate having those reviews completed at least one week prior to the final submission deadline.

What happens after I receive my feedback?

You are able to continue revising and polishing your proposal to make it as strong as possible prior to submission. Once you have completed your revisions, edit your proposal, change the Workflow State from “draft” to “final submission” and be sure to hit the save button on the page.